Welcome to Reel Time Sound Services

reelReel Time is a Professional Digital/Analogue Recording Studio and Mastering Studio in Cardiff. Est.2003.

We never compromise on quality!


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Our Services:

Recording Studio
Professional studio combining the latest digital technology with vintage analogue gear! Including a vintage Tape machine and valve (tube) compressors

Mastering Suite. Mastering and re-mastering with specialist Digital and Analogue processing to suit all types of recordings

Analogue to Digital Transfers
Transfer Vinyl to CD/Digital, Reel-to-Reel Rape to CD/Digital, Cassette to CD/Digital,  clean and restore the audio

Sound Engineer


Meurig Hailstone:

Welsh speaking recording/ mixing and mastering engineer, with 17 years experience in the recording industry

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“Mastering is crisp, vocals are clear and sparkle out the speaker.Great Job.” Jerome Farley (remixer of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jay z, Willow Smith)

“I was happy with my own mix to begin, but mastering then took it to another level. The mastered version sounds phat, crisp and much wider…Awesome job!” Jimpy (DJ/Producer)

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