Have your recording professionaly mastered onto CD-R


Mastering is an essential process to give your CD that professional finish! Fine-tuning the overall sound with carefully chosen high quality equalisation and maximising levels with sophisticated dynamic processing techniques! Also, If you’re after a ‘warm vintage’ sound, we have custom built analogue dynamics processors, and analogue EQ to suit your requirements.

VUsOur attention to detail means giving you a very high quality result, we can listen to your mix from a new perspective and process it in the most appropriate way for your music. We also specialise in re-mastering old recordings.

You can listen to some examples of our mastering here


Online Mastering now available: You can now send us your tracks to be mastered via the internet (as WAV/AIFF), and the finished product can be returned the same way or on CD-R.

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The Finished Product

  • Your finished master will be provided as PMCD (pre-master CD) on professional A-Grade CD-R (Taiyo Yuden).
  • DDP File This can then be sent to any CD duplication facility.
  • Mastered tracks can also be supplied as WAV files.
  • ISRC codes and Artist/Title text can be encoded in to your CD or DDP file

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For best results, tracks (to be mastered) should be provided on:

*Data CD/DVD as wav or aiff  files. (16 or 24 bit)
*Audio CD
*Also tracks can be sent to us via the internet as WAV, AIFF (using a site for transferring/sending large files)

  • Avoid sending any compressed formats such as mp3, aac, wmf etc. for quality reasons.
  • Please do not use finalisers, brick wall limiters, or any mastering plugins on your final mix as it will limit what we are able to do with your material.
  • Please send final stereo (or mono if applicable) mixes with a peak level around -3dBfs.
  • CD contents must be no longer than 79 minutes
  • If sending stems or sub/pre-mixes, mixing these to create a final mix file will be charged at the usual recording studio hourly rate.
  • If sending multiple large files (e.g. for an album) via internet, there may be a small additional fee for download and upload time.

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Tracks can be mastered through our custom built stereo analogue limiter for that ‘authentic warm’ sound. We also have of Analogue Equalisers and compressors, and 2 Revox 1/4″ tape machines to warm-up your audio for a more classic / vintage feel.


High quality digital mastering, processing using custom built Audio PC’s running high quality editing and mastering software. We have a vast array of ‘plug-in’ processors for all aspects of the process to get the very best out of your recording. Also high quality AD/DA converters ensure a truly excellent signal-to-noise ratio (far greater than CD).

Our customised digital mastering processors produce amazing transparent sounding processing, with stunning results!

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Tannoy Super-Red Monitors.

Harebeth LS3/5a (BBC) Monitors.